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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 4, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. a shootout between a 90-year-old homeowner and armed intruder in marin county sends both to the the hospital. the two shot each other during a scuffle in the elderly mans who home. you can see paramedics tending to the 90-year-old wounded man.
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more on what happened there today from abc 7's lyanne melendez. >> a suspected burglarafter poo this home. the homeowner 90-year-old jay leone, a retired law enforcement agent was inside and confronted the suspect, shooting him three times. >> during the interrupted residential burglary we believe the resident of the house managed to shoot the suspect who epie entered the house mule times and the suspect returned fire, shooting the resident one time. >> sara rents the unit below leone. she heard the scuffle and quickly went upstairs to see what was going on. >> i looked at his front door from the inside and i saw a chair trying to block the entrance. so i got it, i knew that something is wrong here and i need to get out of there. >> she called 911 and when police came they, too, were confused.
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>> i didn't do anything. i just live here and i started crying, put your hands up, now. and i'm like oh, my god, two guns are pointing at me. that never happened to me in my life. >> officers quickly cordoned off the area. police found the suspect in the black lexus less than a mile away. the suspect called 911 to say e had accidentally shot himself. he is 30-year-old man with a criminal history. both men were taken to marin general hospital. they are in stable condition. the suspect will now be charged with burglary and attempted murder. in green bray, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. officers say in san francisco the negatives outweigh the positives and therefore decided to leave a burglary suspect alone. this suspect who calls himself dan has been some where on the hill since late last night
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after afield burglary. police spent all day trying to find him and bring him down but could not pinpoint his location. he has refused all offers of help. officers decided the risk involved in trying to arrest him wasn't worth it at this point but police units will pass by throughout the night and try to make contact. a special san jose police unit helped get four men aaccused of child pornography. the task force used a van with a mobile forensics lab to go that their homes and quickly search their computers and portable hard drives in just minutes. they found videos containing disturbing images of preschool aged children. >> these videos are not of 16, 17-year-old girls gone wild. these are prepubescent children from three, four, five years old engaged in sexual
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intercourse with adults. >> experts say suspects commonly use programs used to illegally download movies and music to trade images of child pornography. something happened in a san francisco courtroom today that few people there have ever seen. a former gang member has turned witness for the prosecution. the victim a college student visiting san francisco two years ago. vic lee has the story where the >> reporter: the witness is in his early 20s. the victim was 26-year-old michael bailey, a college student from louisiana, visiting friends in san francisco during christmas break two years ago. those charged with the murder, lance molina, aaron kittles, maurice and the accused shooter william jones. that night, bailey and two other friends partied at a club. investigators say he met kittle there's and offer od to drive her home when she told him she lost her car ks. samaritan.e a good is a mare
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he offers her a ride and little did he know that he was being set up for a brutal robbery. >> the witness testified he had been drinking with the suspects at the alex griffith projects. when the car drove up william jones ordered bailey and his friends to come out and hand over possessions. the witness k's bailey grabbed jones gun anotusled with him. he said the dude was getting jumped. prosecutor what happened after that. witness billy shot him three times. there was ex-teamly tight security inside and outside the courtroom. visitors walked through a metal detector. extra deputies were on guard. >> more witnesses have received threats and we believe that these are credible threats. >> reporter: gang task force investigators say witnesses like this one testify at great risk. >> it is very difficult and very rare, yes. now, they are labeled as a nish and put themselves in danger
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and their families are in danger. >> reporter: prosecutors say witness cooperation can can seal convictions. defense lawyers disagree. >> they will say whatever the cops or d.a. wants them to say. >> reporter: while police sources tell us the witness is in a secret relocation program which means he is out of the city, out of the county and maybe even out of the state. he has been grant immunity for his testimony. yahoo today named its fourth chief executive officer in less than five years. 54-year-old scott thompson, currently the president of paypal, a division of ebay. he will fill the vacancy created in september when yahoo fired its previous c.e.o. at paypal, thompson more than doubled revenue. but like barts, he lacks
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experience in online advertising where yahoo is falling behind. stock fell 3% after thompson was named to the job. ebay fell more than 4%. apparently they don't want to lose him. for a second time now a court has upheld which is said to be the largest environmental award ever handed down. a judge ratified the decision against chevron yesterday and now lawyers representing 30,000 indigenous people and farmers say they will begin to try to collect on an $18 billion award. chevron was found guilty of widespread oil contamination in ecuador's rainforest. the company denounced the ruling as unenforceable. nearly 20 years and millions of dollars later a richmond superfund cleanup site isn't cleaned up at all. the plant operated in the inner harbor and after the cleanup in the mid '70s, toxic levels dropped. as laura anthony explains, they
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are now back up and at an alarming rate. >> reporter: 18 years after it was first named a superfund lineup site the channel is as toxic as ever. >> within this narrow channel that we are now seeing steady increases in fish tissue in the amount of ddt that we find and that is a troubling signal. >> reporter: the environmental protection agency most recent five year review shows higher levels of the banned pesticide ddt than before the cleanup began in 1994. the waterway was contaminated by a chemical plant in the 1940s. ddt was banned in 1972 after it was found to kill fish and prevent birds from reproducing. it is also harmful to humans. the highest levels come despite years of dredging. a $10 million project. >> we felt we dealt with all of it. now, what we are seeing is from other sources which we haven't
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been able to identify more ddt is creeping back into the channel. >> reporter: the 2006 review shows levels of ddt rising but the latest study put those levels 30 times greater in the channel than in 1994. >> the bottom line is that is needs to be taken care of. >> richmond city councilman tom butt worries about the larger implications for his community. >> a significant population of people in richmond who fish in the way and even near this area and this is a big potential health hazard for them. >> lee often casts his line in richmond marie no bay not far from the channel. he is not planning to eat what he catches. does it concern you at all there is still pesticide leaking into the water? >> i would love to fish here and keep the fish and eat it and not worry about anything. >> reporter: the epa has received funding from congress to do further study and figure out where the ddt is coming from and how to clean it up
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again. meantime, they are posting no fishing signs inside the channel. as for kens about the fish out here in the greater bay area, the epa says so far their studies indicate there are no higher levels of ddt in the fish out here. some people already limit consumption of the fish caught out here because of concerns about mercury. in richmond, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a lot more to come. as we continue, a bay area pilot suspected of flying drunk. we'll have that story ahead. plus, all eyes on new hampshire now. a look at the santorum surge and the new ethics questions surrounding his campaign. a record warmth and ongoing dry spell. we can we expect some true january weather? my forecast is coming up. the officers told me they thought santa was driving the car. >> you might, too. how it car ended up on the roof of a fresno apartment. plus, the leapin' lizards at uc berkeley and what science
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at uc berkeley and what science has discover about the ancient
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the beneficiary of an $8 million federal ear mark sponsored by santorum. also reports the candidate received a special mortgage from a bank run by campaign donors. more on santorum's background now from abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: former pennsylvania senator rick santorum shocker was largely due to months of tireless uncelebrated campaigning. driving around the state with his daughter in a pickup truck. >> i'm the work-aholic. i tell them now, i don't -- sleep is overrated. >> reporter: iowa's kirts and evangelicals ultimately rallied for the antiabortion, antisame-sex marriage culture warriors. >> for giving me his grace every day, for loving me, worts and all, i offer a public thanks to god. >> but new hampshirites are far more independent and libertarian. iowa might end up having been the easy part. >> the culmination. obviously is a strong support among christian conservatives.
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>> what i did in pennsylvania for a lot of years, my congressional district -- i. >> richard john rick santorum was raised catholic in a blew collar area. his grandfather a coalminer. his parents employees of the v.a. in west virginia before moving to butler county, pennsylvania when was 7. called rooster in high school because he would never sand down, the young lawyer was elect to the u.s. house in 1990 at the age of 32. brash, sometimes prickly, santorum was an outspoken advocate for the conservative view on social issues and swept into statewide offense in the senate revolution. parts of the welfare reform bill. he became part of the republican establishment. his is an unapoll gettic and in your face conserve atism but
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santorum argues this is part of the fight for the traditional american family. he himself has seven children. their yuckes youngest is isabe. michele bachmann vowed out after the iowa caucus. massachusetts governor mitt romney today won the endorsement of john mccain. a lot of changes in the past 24 hours certainly in the republican race for president. abc's george stephanopoulos says almost all of them impact mitt romney. here is what he had to say on world news tonight. >> here is a number from the entrance poll which shows the dilemma that romney faces. the conservative voters, ricks santorum triba trounced him. romney has to figure out a way to get more of the conservative voters to his side without driving off the moderate and independent voters would need to defeat barack obama in the
9:17 pm
fall. that is a tricky tight rope walk the next several weeks and months. >> what does it mean that governor rick perry decided to stay in today after. >> probably the best single thing that happened to mitt romney today even more important i think than the john mccain endorsement. by rick perry staying in, it means that the conservative vote is going to be divided among newt gingrich and rick santorum and rick perry. prevents santorum from really capitalizing at least so far on his win last night, his good showing last night. >> george stephanopoulos. and the next stop, new hampshire, of course. that state holds the nation's first primary on tuesday. let's go and talk to spencer christian about the weather forecast. another beautiful day around here. hope you are getting a chance to enjoy it. >> gorgeous day and with record warmth. >> we did break some records? >> in several spots. the dry pattern continues and
9:18 pm
we are still looking for rain which is no where in the immediate forecast future. the camera looking on to the skyline of downtown san francisco. a mainly clear evening. a few thin high clouds around. going to turn sharply cooler during the overnight hours. this afternoon, it was downright warm. two new record highs for this date. one in oakland. 69 degrees. 69 livermore and 72 at santa rosa, tying the record highs for the date in those two locations. and, of course, it was mild to warm everywhere else around the bay area as well. speaking of warmth, how about southern, california, which had numerous record highs today and among those record highs were these, 91 degrees in san guy brief yell. 88 at long beach. all new record highs for this date. now, in the bay area, temperatures mainly in the 50s. when you move up into the inland north bay, temperatures in the 40s at napa and santa rosa. 49 at santa rosa and concord and down at los gatos.
9:19 pm
cool at some of the inland valleys tonight. a few high clouds tonight. mild tomorrow. not quite so mild as today. cooling down sharply on friday and then temperatures will rebound quickly over the weekend. pacific satellite image shows high pressure still the dominant feature in the weather picture. no rain in sight. the jetstream jetstream is and any disturbances that develop over the ocean will move to our north as well, at least in the next few days. overnight tonight, mainly clear skies. chilly conditions in napa and santa rosa where lows in the early morning hours drop into the mid 30s. 35 at fairfield. 39 concord. 38 livermore and low to mid 40s in most other locations around the bay area. tomorrow's highs under sunny afternoon skies look for mid 60s in south bay. 65 san jose and saratoga. 66 campbell and los gatos. 62 redwood city. 63 palo alto. 64 mountain view.
9:20 pm
upper 50s to 60 on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 60. 59 in the sunset district. mild weather also in the north bay tomorrow. 62 san rafael. and vallejo. 65 the high at santa rosa. in the near east bay low to mid 60s up to about 64 at castro valley and fremont. the inland east bay a little higher. mid to upper 60s there. 66 walnut creek and danville. 67 livermore and near monterey bay. 66 watsonville. 62 monterey. inland, 70 degrees at holster. the accuweather seven-day forecast. breezy on friday and sharply cooler with highs around 60, maybe 62 degrees in the mildest locations but warm up again over the weekend and we will be in the pattern of mid 60s right on into the middle of next week and still no rain in sight. this is a very unusual start to january. >> it was a strange start to december.
9:21 pm
>> is certainly was. >> thanks, spencer, very much. >> as we continue, outrage in minnesota. why these expensive wedding dresses were spray painted with graffiti. and the wayward duck that has birders flocking from across the co
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this is fun. scientists have discovered how lizards leap without tumbling and hope to use the findings to make better robots. researchers analyzed slow motion video of the reptiles jumping and found the lizards don't just stretch out the tail to keep from falling over their heels. they actively adjust the angle of their tail during the jump top remain upright. check that out. scientists used the research to equip a toy car with a tail that adjusts itsself during a
9:25 pm
jump to keep it from nose diving to the ground. the discovery will make robots used for search and rescue mixes more agile. the appearance of a wayward and rare duck near sacramento has bird watchers all atwitter tonight. the duck hails from southeast asia but wound up somehow in in california. >> this time of rear the wildlife refuge is home to something like a quarter million ducks but there is one duck in particular that is getting all of the attention. >> we have a rare bird here. a falcated duck. a guy posted 8:30 in the morning i think december 8 and by 10:00 the parking lot was full and there was people from all over the place and we were getting phone calls left and right. >> it is extremely rare in california. there have been four sightings of the bird in history. >> it is called a life bird because it is the first one you have seen in your lifetime.
9:26 pm
this is the first i have seen. >> we don't chase every rare bird that shows up. if it is a dull brown bird we are not terribly intested but something as beautiful that's particular duck and something as exceptional as it duck. the last time one was seen was back in 2002. >> people flying in from florida, colorado. >> just for the bird. >> just to see the bird. they have flown here and they come here and see the bird and spend the night here and fly back home the next day. >> this has been just one of the best days birding ever for me especially because most of my birding books don't even cover this bird. it is so rare to north america it is not even there. >> reporter: the same way nobody really knows how the asian duck got here. nobody knows whenle leave and if they will ever see a duck like this again. george warren, abc 7 news. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues here tonight. the owners of this jack-in-the-box wanted to stay open 24 hours a day but after
9:27 pm
what happened here if six weeks ago neighbors are saying no. local veterans volunteer for a new mission. a massive research project to unlock the medical mysteries of war. and lunar landmark. nasa's closeup of a crater that
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good evening again. thanks for tuning in. a look at the headlines we are following tonight. detectives say that jay leone a 90-year-old retired law officer shot a 30-year-old intruder three times after he broke into his apartment. leone was also shot by the suspect. both men are in stable condition.
9:31 pm
neighbors describe leone as a very healthy and fit world war ii veteran. the e pam is struggling to find out why a toxic waterway that was cleaned up year is ago a still con sam nateed with a new banned chemical ddt. the epa obtained funding to determine where the pesticide is coming from and clean up the channel again. yahoo named scott thompson as its new chief eck eastboundtive. he has served as president of paypal since january of 2008. next week, officials in san francisco are expected to make a decision about a jack-in-the-box restaurant. people living nearby don't want it to stay open late at night. all came to a head after a man was rundown after getting into an argument with another man in the restaurant. carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: for years this jack-in-the-box has been open 24/. >> you are kind of hungry you can go to jack-in-the-box. >> some neighbors in the
9:32 pm
surrounding residential area say this fast food restaurant is a magnet for drunks and troublemakers, especially after the bars close at 2 am. >> we need to close that jack-in-the-box between 2 am and 4 am to make sure that the neighbors have a chance for peace and quiet at night. >> reporter: david lee has started an online petition to have the restaurant's hours restricted. more than 400 people signed in just two days. many point to what happened early thanksgiving morning when according to police a fight inside the jack-in-the-box escalated into an intentional hit-and-run at the gas station down the street. offduty state firefighter albert martol remains in critical condition. that is when city hall learned the restaurant was operating around the clock without the proper permit and critics are now seizing the opportunity to try to close it for two hours overnight. that would make a
9:33 pm
tremendous amount of difference. >> perhaps surprisingly it is the city's entertainment commission that has jurisdiction. >> the neighbors have legitimate concerns. the business also is zoned properly and has the right to do that kind of business at that location. >> a spokesman for the restaurant's owner says he has hired a security guard. he has trimmed overgrown landscaping and installed additional exterior lighting to ensure the safety of his guests and employees. but the district supervisor says they need to go even further. >> i think that a community plan with police, the jack-in-the-box taking more responsibility and neighbors being more organized that that is a better plan for safety in the neighborhood. >> reporter: it could be an uphill battle for this jack-in-the-box. one interesting note, there are about 120 businesses that have these after hour permits all over the city from doughnut shops to cafes, the kind of permit jack-in-the-box once had
9:34 pm
and hopes to have again. in san francisco, abc 7 news. the chp has taken its dui crackdown to the air. they notice a small plane flying 50 feet off the ground. once it handed at ped lieu municipal airport it was obvious the pilot had alcohol on his breath. meantime, police say a drive was speeding in the fog in fresno, missing a turn, hitting some large rocks and a tree stump, sending his car airborne, landing on the roof of an apartment. is that not a strange visual. the driver ran off apparently with a broken leg. he was caught a quarter mile away and arrested. the man had apparently stolen this car. a crane operator was called in to get the car off the apartment. wild stuff. arson is suspected in a fire that destroyed three big rig trucks on a fed ex
9:35 pm
facility. the trucks were parked in an chosed warehouse next to a 3,000-gallon diesel tank. firefighters did manage to put out the fire before it spread to the tank thank goodness, the building or any packages to be delivered. bay area veterans are answering the call to h help with a massive research project. when it is up and running, it could provide new help tore some very difficult to treat conditions. abc 7's health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the story. >> there were some physical injuries due to explosives for the most part. >> reporter: marine corps veteran andrew peters says he was one of the lucky ones. he returned from iraq with no major injuries. now, eight years later he is volunteering for a different kind of mission. >> we are going to ask a sample of your blood. >> peters is donating his dna as part of a massive project being launched by the v.a. its goal is to assemble one of the largest genetic databases ever created. >> as a veteran it as fairly
9:36 pm
minor consideration for something that is likely to help me down the road as well as fellow veterans. >> dr. jennifer hoblin is the director of inpatient health. she say the information cleaned the mystery of the physical conditions like post traumatic stress disorders. >> why are veterans developing certain illnesses and not others. some respond to treatment and other people don't. >> did you ever serve outside the united states, sir? >> yes. >> reporter: volunteers provide personal information including details of their service and any heather ishimaru shoes that followed. their blood samples are sent to a lab in boston for processing. >> they are very giving of themlves. they served their time with
9:37 pm
their country and what is amazing is they are coming backing and giving more to the project. giving their dna and giving of their time. >> andrew peters believes most veterans will see it as a duty to the service, to medicine and to one another. >> most veterans have retained the sense of heightment that they had when they joined the military. >> carolyn johnson reporting. researchers expect it to take more than five years to recruit the one million veterans. if you are a former service member interested in volunteering go to abc7. underr more information. the pentagon will offer a radical change in its priorities tomorrow. the goal is to cut the budget without reducing the military strength. to that end, president obama will propose shrinking the number of soldiers from 570,000 to 490,000 over the next decade. but keeping hall of the military's 11 aircraft carriers. virtually every important area of defense spending will be
9:38 pm
impacted. observers say it amounts to one of the -- still to come, home invasion drama. i have two guns in my happened. is it okay to shoot if he comes in the door? >> 911 gets a call as an oklahoma woman prepares to shoot a mannnn
9:39 pm
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here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy. a now defunct wedding store is apologizing now for destroying rather than donating dresses. bridal gowns costing thousands of dollars spray painted and thrown into a dumpster in minnesota. the graffiti dresses including
9:42 pm
a $6,000 vera wang creation. the scene seems straight out of a hollywood thriller. a woman home alone with her baby, intruders trying to force their way in. the oklahoma woman called 911 to ask if she could shoot them. >> i wouldn't have done it but it was my son, i have to protect him. >> reporter: this young mother takes maternal instinct to a whole new level. >> 18-year-old sara mckinley killed a man, she says to protect her three month old baby. >> i'm here by my solve with an infant baby. >> late on new year's eve, two men, one armed with a 12-inch hunting knife were trying to break into her home outside oklahoma city. mckinley recognized one of them has someone she thought was stalking her. >> he went from door to door trying to bust in and they said
9:43 pm
i couldn't shoot him until he came in the door. >> i have two guns in my hand. is it o he kay to shoot him if he comes in the door. >> you do what you have to do to protect your baby. >> the mother killed the 24-year-old intruder the second he stepped inside. police call the shooting justified. >> you are allowed to shoot an unauthorized person that is in your home. the law provides you the remedy and sanctions the use of deadly force. >> reporter: the second intruder turned himself in. mckinley was home alone that night because her husband just died of cancer on christmas day. while her son may grow up without his father, this is one little boy who will always know mom will do anything to protect him. >> i knew that i was going have to choose him or my son and it wasn't going to be my son so i did what i had to do. >> ryan owens, abc news,
9:44 pm
dallas. coming up next, the marriage proposal at a college basketball game that goes terribly wrong
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9:47 pm
some terrific pictures from nasa. its lunar reconnaissance orbiteer flew just 16 miles above the monitor too capture these shots of the crater. two miles high, twice as deep as the grand canyon. are so massive, in fact, you can see it without a telescope from earth. last week we reported on a grey wolf seen apparently for the first time in california for decades. the wolf has been photographed for the first time. a state biologist says that this picture taken in november in buete falls, oregon, is likely the wolf in question. he eventually wandered hundreds of miles from oregon in california searching for a
9:48 pm
mate. an automatic camera set by a hunter to track deer snapped the picture. a maryland man credits his iphone forgetting him in trouble but then saving his life. he got lost hiking in the woods with his dog on new year's eve. his map app was not working. he called 911 which dispatched a rescue chopper to the general area. as he heard the chopper getting closer he used the flash app and caught the eye of the flight crew. rescuers repelled down 150 feet to save the man and his dog. all is well that ends well with the help of technology. waiting for the spencer app to come out any day. >> and waiting for the rain app. we could use that one. looking towards mount diablo. we saw mainly blue skies with cirrus clouds moving overhead.
9:49 pm
this is how sunset looked. what a gorgeous sky that was with a few more clouds there than the wispy cirrus ones we saw earlier. tomorrow, loots of sunshine from top to bottom across california. warm in the south with highs up to 79 palm springs. 82 los angeles. and 75 san diego. in the bay area highs in the mid 60s for much of the bay area but we don't expect records tomorrow as we had today. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooler on friday and breezy. highs only around or just above 60. but temperatures bounce back to the mid 60s over the weekend and remain there through most of next week. and, of course, it will be dry. >> okay, thank you, spencer. if you look up the word awkward in the dictionary you will she video. ucla has had a tough basketball season but not as tough as what transpires on this video from a december 23 game that has gone viral. watch what happens.
9:50 pm
[ inaudible ] >> awkward. >> that was ucla's mistletoe cam. when players were asked about what happened their responses were blunt. one saying cold. another saying tough break. or as peter the floor director said hey, maybe she just wasn't into him. >> i think it was a setup. >> the "l. a. times" says it is real. l.a. times says it is real. >> i will take them on any day of the week. >> the pain that never goes away. the warriors in san antonio.
9:51 pm
and curry, not again. his ankle. >> oh. >> this is bordering like a crisis almost. sports is next.
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the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, this is something foul in concord. new complaints about a.b. oh coming from the former concord station. those stories and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry beil is here now. i have been researching on the l.a. times. inconclusive. they say it is real. i'm unconvinced. the warriors game unfortunately this is very convincing and it was painful for a couple of reasons. the warriors had a real chance to win their first game in san antonio since 1997 and loss stef curry to yet another ankle injury. montae ellis did all he could. first quarter.
9:55 pm
alley-ooping. andres left with a twisted ankle. off the steal. curry ahead to montae ellis who had 21 in the first half. he was lighting it up. curry, corner three. he had 20. the spurs. this game was there to be taken. kwame brown on tim duncan. come get some. third quarter. here is the curry injury. he doesn't land on anybody's foot. just pushing off. in massive pain. had to leave the game. third sprained ankle in six games. and 7th in a year and a half. richard jefferson, corner three. tony parker, teardrop. he had 21. looking for popovich. montae finished with 38 points. warr 30 seconds left. parker the dagger jumper. 101-95 spurs. the warriors now lost 27 straight in san antonio. to the ice. sharks in anna nahum.
9:56 pm
winchester the blast to beat hiller. his fourth of the year ties it up. boyle. got a stick ton. knocks it in, 2-1, men in teel and know pavelski adds a goal. their first victory over anaheim in four tries this year. tonight in the orange bowl, clemson versus west virginia. the orange bowl mascot, obe. getting ill. so did clemson in this game. second quarter. tigers. >> is that real? >> that was not real. >> first and goal at the three-yard line. i'm glad you are inquisitive. andre elington, looked like he got in. the ball popped loose. cook took off. clemson would have retaken the lead. instead 99-yards back the other way for a mountaineer touchdown. that was real. that was real. goes down and he goes down hard. west virginia gets massacred
9:57 pm
70-33. >> holy moley. >> no team ever scored more in a bowl game than west virginia tonight. the expande expanded pac 12 wil generate a lot of money. the big game is going to be played this year in october. open with three straight home games. san jose state on september 1. look at the big game usually late in the season around thanksgiving. this time set for october 20 at cal and stanford finishes at oregon and then ucla november 24. cal opens same opening date september 1 and home against nevada. back-to-back road games against ohio state and sc challenging. finishing the season with the oregon schools, ending early, november 17. on to the nfl and quarterback alex smith. he has probably dealt with more criticism than perhaps any player in 49er history. shrugs it off and has taken the niners to the playoffs for the
9:58 pm
first time since 2002. mike shumann with more than alex's revival. >> a good example of what he has done all year with the decision-making. >> reporter: alex smith has finally lived up to his number one draft status. career year. only five interceptions which ties the league record. the team has hat only ten turnovers all season, also an nfl record. >> he has been mentally and physically tough the entire year. >> has completed 61% of his passes. thrown for 17 touchdowns. despite being sacked 44 imtee he started all 16 games for the second time in his career. >> any time a quarterback can play 16 games for you, start and play every down pretty much the entire season that is a man sized job. that is hard to do. >> reporter: he has done it without a consistent receiving corps.
9:59 pm
injuries all season. but of late, michael crabtree has been the man. a career season with 73 catches, 880-yards and four touchdowns. >> his play just keeps getting better and better and then he is making the great catch and turning short catches into yards after the catch. and i feel like michael is having more fun, too. >> it has been fun to watch both players to get to use their entire skillset and hopefully this level of play will continue in the playoffs. mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> i tell you what, for alex smith it is nice to see the turnaround. >> he deserves it. >> after seven years, wow. >> he got beat up pretty good. >> absolutely. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for larry beil and spencer christian i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again on the big 7 at 11:00.


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